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How to create more efficient financial management by utilizing robotics and AI? This webinar gives insights for every CFO!

The technological development definitely enables more efficient and productive financial management. The key, however, is using the right tools for the right purpose. 

In this webinar we get to hear a forerunner's (Stora Enso) journey towards more efficient  financial management. Also, Aitomation (see the end of the page) takes us through the journey of digitalization of financial management. 

The length 30 minutes (12.6.2019)

In the recording you hear:

  • why robotics and AI is needed and how to utilize those in financial management.
  • key learnings and benefits of using robotics and process automation  


Pasi Pölönen, Founding Partner, Aitomation

Pasi is the co-founder of Aitomation. Pasi has a strong background in product and service development in the Financial Services industry and generally broad digital services experience from OP and NokiaAs an ex-Business Controller hhas natural focus on business targets and how to utilize fast deployment technologies to solve business and process issues. During the past year he has worked on multiple projects related to the aitomation of financial management and financial operations. Pasi will give his insights into automation in the finance function.

Petra Teräsaho, Senior Vice President, Group Controller, Stora Enso 

Petra Terasaho works as Stora Enso Group Controller since February 2016. The responsibilities are Group Accounting & Reporting, Group Business Controlling, Internal Controls, Financial Shared Service Center, Finance tools, processes & policies. During the past two years Petra has specialized in finance digitalization, robotics, AI solutions, Advanced Data Analytics and how these changes will impact the finance organization. Petra is driving a big finance transformation and digitalization currently. Prior to Stora Enso Petra worked as Group Controller at Outotec. Petra has a long 20 years background from Nokia Corporation from different units and functions including an exciting 5 years as Nokia India CFO based in New Delhi, India.

Sari McEvoy, Service Manager, Barona Finance

Sari is in charge of Barona Finance's recruitments together with her team that is specialized in the recruitment of finance, accounting and business development professionals. She has over 10 years of international experience in recruiting such roles.  Sari is keen to provide companies with an insight into developing more efficient financial management by finding new experts with the right skillset and knowledge.  That is why she is an expert in terms of defining the top skills that people and companies need to aquire in order to succeed in the future of finance.

Aitomation is your pragmatic transformation partner for digital processes. One of their key focus areas is on financial operations and cash related processes. The pragmatic experience comes from real life corporate roles, so they know what it takes to minimize the effort and maximize the benefits when it comes to developing processes and boosting them through new technologies in a speedy manner. Aitomation has a good track record on turning strategic goals into modern solutions, and get real business benefits and competitive edge out of AI, RPA, Cloud and Lean.

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