Finally, the long-waited brands are available in Finland! Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito and Sinsay made their debut on the Finnish Market in October. The new stores in Mall of Tripla have been a huge success so far.

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Reserved is a fashion brand, pursuing in its collections with the latest fashion trends. Reserved responds very quickly to the needs of its customers by offering new models in stores every week. The world of fashion has no limits for Reserved: designers from Reserved get their inspiration from both the great catwalk world as well as alternative and bold proposals of fashion influencers. That is why the Reserved collection combines the beauty of classic design with original, latest fashion proposals for a given season for women, men and children. The collections of Reserved are now available in 15 European countries and 5 counties in the Middle East. In total Reserved has a network of more than 450 shops, with flagship shops in such fashion capitals as Berlin, London and Moscow. 
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This is a brand that is part of the urban space and widely understood urban lifestyle. It is addressed to the young guys and girls submerged in the urban culture, who live in their own way, whose outfit emphasises their individual style. In the collections of the brand, the influences of pop and hip-hop culture, including the inspiration of graffiti, street art, urban sports and music, are clearly visible. When designing a collection, Cropp brand cooperates with illustrators and graffiti artists from all over the world. Cropp is also a partner of events aimed at artists and young people pursuing their passions. The brand assists in the organisation of the Baltic Games – one of the biggest events of extreme sports in Central and Eastern Europe, where skateboarding and BMX competitions are held.
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House is an optimistic fashion brand addressed to women and men - students and young adults. House stores will be the perfect place for everyone who wants to look good on a daily basis and in tune with latest trends. House offers both casual propositions for every occasion, as well as the latest fashion trends, which House designers look for in social media, on the catwalks and on the streets. The brand also focuses on non-obvious and interesting styling.

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Mohito brand is focused on customers who love fashion and appreciate original urban elegance. Mohito designers create collections for women who are self-confident, aware of their strengths, allowing for a bit of ease and nonchalance with a stylish vibe. Mohito emphasizes femininity and offers an energetic look in line with the global fashion trends. The brand is a perfect choice in a business environment, at work, during special meetings or after-hours outings.

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SiNSAY is a brand for loud, characteristic and highly expressive girls, who boldly follow the latest trends. Thanks to our projects SiNSAY girls they can enjoy fashion, emphasizing their original personality. The undeniable advantage of the brand is the low prices, allowing teens to buy their dream T-shirts, jeans or fashion accessories. SiNSAY girls draw inspiration from the Internet; there – on social media channels – the brand focuses its marketing activity. SiNSAY cooperates with young influencers and models. The salons have a fresh and monochrome appearance that is the ideal background for a colorful collection.


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LPP is a polish clothing company. Although we are already operating on over 20 markets, we will always remain a company with Polish roots. It was in Poland where the concepts of our brands were born and it is here where all the strategic decisions are made. It is our country where we create our entire collections; pay our taxes, and where the founders of the company live. 

A few facts about lpp - Fit into Fashion

LPP is the owner of 5 clothing brands: Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito and Sinsay. We sell our collections in more than 1,700 stores in more than 20 countries and create jobs for over 25 thousand people. We have been cooperating with 300 Polish business partners for many years now, launching new stores of our brands all over the world. This is more than 3.5 thousand additional jobs.We invest 85% of our profits in the national economy. We implement innovations and export Polish creative ideas to world capitals: from London, through Berlin, Moscow, to Tel Aviv.




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