Barona Technologies is a modern service development & IT-Infra unit inside Barona – a leading private employment agency and innovative HR Solutions provider in Finland. We are constantly looking for new talents. Join the family!

Our agenda is to improve ways of working so that applying for a job is easy and efficient, employees get their salary as fast as possible and the simple tasks are automatised so that people's potential can be used where it's really needed. We're here to find better ways to work and to help people find career opportunities – also those who never seem to get them.

As a work place Barona Tech is a hidden treasure inside a growing community of companies. For our employees it means modern technologies, shared willingness to learn more, great team and culture that follows common values such as responsibility, courage, freedom and working together.

modern STACKs

Front-end: Typescript, Javascript, React. Backend: Node.js, Typescript, Javascript. Databases: MongoDB and PostgreSQL. 
Multi-cloud strategy: Combining best parts of AWS and Azure.
In both clouds strongly use of technologies like Docker.

the Team

Over 40 top-notch tech professionals:
Developers, Designers, Product owners — some of them are great consultants, we have the joy to work with. And also awesome people, who keep the business rolling.
To sum it up: a collection of wonderful individuals. 

badass community

We are part of Barona and the Bravedo-community, which consists of tech companies and corporations from different fields. It means interesting co-operations, more fun, bigger social impact and of course better ways to learn and develop as professionals. Check out our spinned startups RecRight and Tulká.